Our entire focus is
Business to
Small Business.

We call it B2SMB - from B2SMB offer development
to B2SMB marketing, we help your enterprise “B”
reach, engage and sell to millions of “SMBs,”
securing your success in this $500Bil B2SMB.
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Creating Need

We Focus on What Generates SMB Demand

We’ve learned from our work with over 150,000 SMBs that “demand’ is seldom pushed on a distracted, overwhelmed Small Business owner.  But SMBs know they have needs, and it’s in that “moment of need” that demand for your products or services can be created, qualified and closed.  In fact, we look at all B2SMB products and services through the lens of need, finding ways that SMBs can pull your offer to them: to solve a problem, get a job done, and grow.  We might invert the way you approach SMBs, but our results will start your revolution.

Building Affinities

We Focus on the Language of SMBs

SMBs have a language all their own, and it greatly resembles plain english. For them, the real foreign language is B2SMB jargon, the code-talk that larger enterprises use throughout their product development, marketing and sales organizations.  It’s not your fault: it’s all grown out of your Big-B2B stuff.  We instead apply consistent, simplifying principles that bring Big-B2B-talk back to SMB-earth, from SMB-targeted ads to product sales collateral to tele-rep scripts, so that genuine understanding and real sales dialogue can fly.

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Making Connections

We Focus on SMB “Jobs to Be Done”

SMBs are Operators at heart – after all, most of their day is spent doing.  It’s their “To Do List” and its “jobs to be done” that guides them through the day.  But  rather than fight for a slot on that list, we’ve learned how to fit into an SMBs “jobs to be done,” a place where we can better introduce your products and services.  Within this framework, our content marketing can more clearly present why your offering is valuable to the SMB, how it works, and how much it costs, so your solution gets the job done.

Building Bonds

We Focus on SMB Life Stages

Our early research in 2011 revealed four SMB life stages: start-up, execution, expansion and retention (see our Blog for a recap of this research, updated in 2017.) Of these four stages, we found that SMB start-ups and SMBs going through expansion were richest in sales opportunities, SMBs at their highest “moment of need” for new resources, new tools and new methods to grow. It is also your moment to create highest lifetime value, a genuine bond between your B2SMB brand and SMB customers.  It’s here that we deliver our highest value.  

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