The Nature of
What We Do
and How We Do It.

We try not to torture the “hive” metaphor, but we do gather, convert, nurture and grow SMBs very methodically. Our collective of talent assembles on demand to fit any project anywhere B2SMB expertise is needed.
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SMB Data Mining, Insights & Opportunity Analyses

There’s seems to be no shortage of SMB lists.  And now we have a whole new generation of “enhanced” lists.  The challenge isn’t addressing SMBs, it’s knowing what to say, how to say it, and when. SMBs don’t present sales opportunities based on size or industry-type or location, but based on need. That’s the kind of data mining we do. Discovering “moments of need” that indicate immediate demand and purchase intent. There are thousands of these moments buzzing around from thousands of SMBs every day, and we’ll help you capture them.


SMB “Get to Market” Strategies & Planning

While our work for you usually starts in finding and applying new SMB insights to define new SMB sales opportunities, we simultaneously work to open new ways of getting your product or service to the SMB market. Different paths of reaching, different ways of engaging, different methods of selling. We offer a different take on your approach to SMBs, a real “get to market” strategy. We emphasize SMB need first, then solution-fit, then value. Only then do we form a plan. It’s different.  But you’re not looking for the same old same old.

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Build Out

SMB Offering and Content Marketing Development

SMBs know what they need, but that’s not necessarily a product or service.  It’s far more often an outcome: a fix, a job done, an opportunity realized.  Simply put, we help translate what you offer into the outcome an SMB demands.  This approach informs our core content marketing, from subject to style to word-choice. The results are significantly higher levels of engagement, recall and action. Repeat engagements and referrals go up, too. Just what every good sales pitch needs, and often lacks, when it comes to the SMB market.


SMB Marketing and Media Execution

Our on-demand agency capabilities extend to a full representation of expected B2SMB marketing, advertising and promotional services: from creative to media, from digital to legacy, from national to hyper-local.  We are experts in the application of social media to the SMB audience.  We maintain a deep bench of tech dev talent so that we can do what we want and what you need with agile, lean discipline.  And we maintain our own laboratory – our partner, – where we optimize our approach with 150K SMBs every day.

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